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Build your own Garden Table

Finally a sunny day and what better thing to do than a big old garden party. The only thing missing was a giant outdoor table on which to serve our Summer BBQ feast, so we thought we’d make one. This is an outdoor dining table seats up to six, but can be easily customized to seat more (or less). To give the table more character I used reclaimed wood for the top and pine for the base.

Materials & Tools

  • Reclaimed timber table top boards. These were made from old roofing boards and the black markings are from old glue resin
  • 2×4 pine time for supports and aprons
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Finishing products (paint, varnish etc)

Step 1
Cut the pine timber to size for the apron supports and table top. We got the darker wood from the Brighton & Hove Wood Store which is a brilliant place for reclaimed wood. It’s from old roofing timber and the darker patches are stains from the glue they used.

Screw timber together to  form the main box. This will hold the reclaimed wood tabletop boards and support legs.

Step 3
Attach legs to the box and side aprons to build the full base of the table. It made sense to paint the whole base at this stage so it didn’t impact the final finish and the colour could be seen through the gaps on the top.

Step 4
Attach the reclaimed timber tabletop boards. The boards are facing bark side up which will help prevent cupping in the future, and also create better water drainage.

That’s it, simple eh! Now all we need are some chairs, coal on the BBQ and ice cold beers to celebrate.