Watching Paint Dry

Is there anything quite as dull as painting? No? Phew, because essentially that’s what we have been doing a lot of lately. I had intended to blog about it, but thought if I talked about paint drying and roller techniques, you’re likely going to revolt. So let’s talk about shelves instead.

Granted, it’s not quite as exciting as a paint drying blog, but oh wow have they turned out well. Now I may have had a little help on this, or had an unfinished job to complete. Depends on how you look at it I suppose. Either way, my friendly brother in-law built the frames for us and then got distracted by the pubs of Brighton. A large hangover later and he was on his way back home. So here we were, itching to get going on the new house, but didn’t want to wait until the next visit.


Cut Shelves MDF

Carpentry can’t be that hard right? Wrong. You need the patience of a saint, which I don’t have. Plus, whoever built our house back in the 1800’s must have lost an eye or had a peg leg. Nothing is level and I mean nothing. So whoever came up with that old saying ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ clearly meant something different.

And you would think with all this work I’d give it in, put my feet up and wait it out until the carpenter brother in-law returned. However, I am in no way capable of waiting around for very much. Especially when I’ve got grand visions of a wall mounted TV with shelves to hold all my gadgets and gizmos. Alas, you may be aware that Anna is a bit of a whizz at the numbers, whilst I seem pretty handy with a circular saw. So I recruited Anna in to measure each shelf, whilst I trimmed them down and hoped the circular saw wouldn’t cut a limb off.

Clamped Shelf

Installed Shelves

After some careful cutting, sanding, hammering and little wood filler (hey, we’re not all perfect) they were in. Next step is the painting, but I already mentioned I’d spare you that dreary information. We are now moving onto grander plans – the smelly old kitchen is being ripped out and we will have a fancy all-singing, all-dancing new one in place soon. So finally we’ll start blogging about food again. All we need now is an idea of what recipe to christen the kitchen with. Any ideas?


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