Flourless Chocolate Cake

A couple of weeks ago, I was out with the lads drinking dark beers and getting in animated discussions about the weekend football. Epic it was…until that is my phone buzzed with a message from Anna. ‘Don’t forget we’re out for dinner tonight and you promised to make pudding. Anna xx‘.

The alarm bells kicked in. In fact, I’d totally forgotten and only had a couple of hours to rustle something up. I could have just popped to the shops, wraped it in foil and claimed it as my own. No that’s not for me, what I needed here was a quick fix. Thankfully, I had a cracking chocolate cake recipe up my sleeve for just this sort of emergency. It’s like a big giant gooey chocolate circle of goodness and it never fails.

250g butter
250g brown granulated sugar
500g dark chocolate (70%)
10 eggs

Smash up the chocolate into smaller bits and add to a rounded bowl, along with the butter. Cover the top of the bowl with cling film and place on top of a pan of boiling water. You only need a small amount of water in the pan so it sits just beneath, but not touching the bowl. Then leave it and that means no stiring. Playing around with it is likely to make the chocolate granulated. Once the butter and chocolate is melted, take off the heat and we’ll come back to it later.

Separate the egg yolks from the whites into two different bowls. With a mixer beat the sugar and yolks until they become fluffy. It’s easier if you have an electric whisk, or a pain in the wrist if you have a wind up one like ours! Take your melted chocolate/ butter mix and gradually pour and mix into the egg yolks. Beat until smooth and set aside.

Whisk the egg whites into stiff peaks with your mixer. Gently fold the egg whites into the cake mixture with as little mixing as possible. This probably doesn’t make any sense, but the idea is to try and keep as much air in it as possible. Heat your oven up to gas mark 4 (180 degrees).

Spoon in your mixture to a pre-greased cake tin and bake for about 35 minutes. If you like it very gooey then go for 30 minutes. Now it might look a little plain, but boy will this cake make you popular. It’s best served with thick whipped cream, with fresh vanilla stirred through.

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  1. I’m making this cake for the second time as my daughter has declared it her favourite!!! It’s decadent but divine. Thanks for sharing!

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