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If there is one thing that doing all of these wonderful projects for our blog site has taught me, it is that I love re-upholstering furniture. Hopefully, one day I’ll even be able to sell a piece and someone will get as much pleasure out of that piece of furniture as I did creating it. However, every project that I have undertaken has always involved a huge amount of self taught skill (and I use that word lightly). From learning to fabric line an old school desk to creating a shabby chic paint effect. But one simple skill that I really enjoyed learning was how to cover and make my own buttons. So I thought I would share with you how to cover your own buttons, whether for upholstery projects, making your own craft projects or for decorational purposes.

1) Firstly you need to invest in one essential tool – a self cover button tool. It’s really easy to use and covers 5 sizes of buttons to cover from 11 – 29mm. You will then need to pick your cover fabric and purchase the actual buttons themselves. I have recently covered 20 x 23mm buttons for an upholstery project. I purchased the buttons via Hobbycraft and searched for ‘self cover metal buttons’, however you can also get them from most haberdashery shops (the buttons come in 2 parts).

2) You then have to cut small circles of fabric that are around 5mm bigger round the edge of the button. This allows you some overlap to tuck into the teeth on the reverse of the upper part on the button. Place the circle of fabric plus the upper part of the button on top of the softer rubber portion of the self cover tool (lining up to the correct button size).

3) Push the button down into the rubber mould and tuck the excess fabric under the teeth of the metal button itself.

4) Then take the back of the button, pop it on top with the ridges facing down, so the metal loop lines up with the slot of the back button (if that doesn’t make sense then look at the picture below).

5) Finally use the rigid plastic part of the cover tool to push the back of the button down into the covered portion of the button. Depending on which cover fabric you use, you may have to use a little force to make both portions of the button click together. 6) Once they are connected, you can then pop the button out and ‘viola’ you have a covered button.

6 thoughts on “Push the Button”

    1. Thanks Janie! You would be surprised how easy they are to find. I got ours through eBay, but you can get them through Amazon or most craft stores. Good luck with your button making!

  1. These are really useful photos – thank you! I was struggling to use the little gadget to help push the parts together – turned out I had the base part in too large a rubber ‘well’.

  2. I managed to get ours by way of auction web sites, although you can obtain these by way of Rain forest or the majority of art stores. All the best using your button doing!

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