Floorboard Breadboard

Look, eating off the floor is never a good idea. Although there is the unwritten five second rule dictating that if you dropped food onto the floor, it can be picked up and eaten within five seconds. Apparently, dirt and germs take six seconds to infect your grub. Now I don’t know about you, but I generally think this is a load of tosh.

However, while we’re on the topic I think I’ve stumbled onto a super easy DIY project. Remember that floorboard jewellery stand we made? Well when hunting around in the reclaimed wood center, I discovered yet more floorboards. Except these were brand new and made of solid oak. The only problem was I only had around two meters altogether. Now as you know I’m a bit of a food fan, plus I like the odd bit of upcycling. So why not combine these passions? Well that’s exactly what I did and made a floorboard breadboard.

This really is a simple project. All you need are a couple of floorboards, a saw, wood glue, some sandpaper and little bit of oil to finish. It depends how big you like  your breadboard, but I went with 450mm’s in length and cut four strips in total. The beauty of using a floorboard is that the tongue and groove joints are already in place. So all it needs is a little bit of glue and then simply tap them together.

I wanted to get rid of the joint bit that sticks out of the edge, so I used a small hand plane to to give it a flush edge. Then comes the boring bit…sanding. If there is anything I loathe it’s sanding. Dull, dusty and it takes forever! I stuck with it and was rewarded with a smooth level board. To complete the job I simply rubbed teak oil into the wood, cut a lime in half and took a picture.

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