A New Throne for a New Home

We’ve got so much catching up to do. You see, we’ve just moved to sunny Hove and are very much overdue a chat on some of the cool stuff we’ve been making. The thing about moving is most of your stuff doesn’t fit anymore. That kitchen table we loved so much is too large, what do we do with Anna’s sewing machine, where did we manage to hide so many pairs of shoes? Oh, and we need a new chair.

But here at ReMadeIt we can’t just pop off to the latest DFS sale (which is always on by the way) to get a new chair. Oh no, we need to make or restore one. So off we set to find a chair. The only problem is we’ve had a bit of rain recently, actually who am I kidding? The rain has been relentless. I’ve been moping around Brighton all week, wet and cold while Anna drags me into countless second hand shops, markets and boot fairs looking for this elusive chair.


We found a 50’s style sofa, but that was deemed too large. Then there was the Ercol chair near Preston Park, but that required all of our life savings. We’d almost given up hope, only to discover a diamond in the rough round the back of the North Lanes. To be fair, the bloke who owned the shop looked pretty miserable standing in the rain, so it was no trouble at all bargaining him down to £20. Then came our next problem, how do you get this monster into the back of a mini? We squeezed here, nudged there and even tried a make shift roof rack. A short cab home later pushed the chair price up to £30. Still a bargain.

So that’s the good news. The bad news? The chair has seen much better days.  Oh, I know there are those of you out there chuckling, thinking not such a bargain now eh! But I’m telling you this is going to look brilliant when we are done with it. I’m not going to lie, we were slightly terrified at the size of the task, we’d be moving in a couple of days and still had to pack, but I’m slightly warming to this chair.

First things first, we needed to strip the chair down. Cough, cough, cough we went as decades of dust flew into the air. Time to invest in a face mask and some goggles I think. Sadly there were no coins or lost lottery tickets like the Victorian chair, just a mountain of dust. Once down to the bare bones we quickly summed up there were three things we needed to do.

1)      Repair the arm which had a crack down the middle.

2)      Fix the hole in the bottom. A comedy chair is not what we’re after here.

3)      Get Anna to find some fancy fabric to reupholster it with.

After a bit of DIY woodworking on the arm we left it to dry and headed off into town to source some fabric.
Click here to see how the finished chair looked.

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