Stairway to Television

I have to confess I’ve got myself into a case of the ‘what the hell have I got myself into’s’. In a bout of over zealous excitment I decided to make a TV stand out of an old staircase. I know, I know you’re thinking this is getting out of control. Stairs are for walking, stamping and climbing, not holding your television. I want you to know I couldn’t agree more.

I too consider my telly the pride and joy of the living room, packed full of great sporting events and the odd period drama Anna keeps putting on. Taking on this project filled me with immense fear. What if it breaks and the telly falls through? The stairs look pretty rickety. Oh blimey it could crush the TiVo box. Yet I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. Besides, we’re moving and it was either that or a mind numbing visit to IKEA. I went with making it.

Besides, the best bit is I got to use my new tool the Kreg Jig R3. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t some fancy new dance but simply the coolest bit of kit I’ve ever found. You see it takes away the need to make fancy joints or use glue clamps. Just drill the secret holes, screw together and hey presto you save half a day messing about with chisels. Plus it looks like an owl from a certain angle.

For the shelves I needed the edges to be super sharp, so I got the wood yard to use their nifty table saw. I used three boards for the top, three for the bottom and joined them together with the Kreg Jig. If you don’t have this fancy tool, get one. Otherwise you could join them together with glue clamps and a support brace.

Next up was the trickiest bit…the stair banisters. I wanted it to look like the shelves went right through them, so I had to firstly cut them in half. These initially turned out too tall and I didn’t fancy turning the TV into a planaterium. So I trimmed them down to a suitable viewing height. First up I decided on a screw fitting, however this just turned out to be a bit too unstable. I couldn’t risk the humiliation of it all collapsing, so I went with a tried and tested dowel stick and wood glue method.

It turned out great and the the TV is still standing. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the watch the footie.

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