Car Boot Fair Review – Brighton Marina

I love a good car boot fair. In fact, I’ve spent many a Sunday morning kicking Chris out of bed early  just so I don’t miss the best bits. Much grumbling is involved, but if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s to get there early for the good stuff. Too many times have I dawdled on a Sunday morning only to discover there’s nothing left but some old VHS tapes and the odd collection of disfigured Action Men.


The problem is there are just so many to choose from, especially in the Summer when Britain participates in a mass Spring clean. Some are amazing and filled with all sorts of hidden gems. Others are, well let’s be honest, more of a pound shop and frankly not worth giving your Sunday morning up for. So I thought it only fitting to start reviewing car boot fairs up and down the country to find the best.

First up is a personal favourite at the Brighton Marina, East Sussex. It’s open all-year round so you know you’re only going to see the good stuff. Previously we found an Ercol table which we bargained down to£30, only to have it valued at just over £200 once restored.


How much spending money
The good news is that there isn’t an entry fee. The bad news is that these are seasoned stall holders so they know what they’ve got. That’s not to say you won’t find a bargain, you will just need to rummage and negotiate a little bit harder than normal. For example I paid £2 for a hand painted ornate bowl, but an old rug at the stall next door was a whopping £85.

Quality of stalls
It was a rainy day so I wasn’t expecting a big turn out, but overall it was pretty good.  A good mixture of old, new and vintage to choose from with a lovely bohemian atmosphere. There’s a wide range of tastes that truly reflect Brighton and Hove culture and with over 200 stalls at it’s peak you can’t go wrong.


Where and when
Every Sunday 7am to 1pm
Brighton Marina,
Brighton, East Sussex,