A Floorboard Jewellery Stand

You may have noticed, we’re kind of into making new things out of old bits and pieces. A new lease of life if you will, and right now I’m patting myself on the back. No, not because I ate all the apple pie biscuits from the last story, but because I conquered an impossible challenge. Don’t laugh, but I secretly have no idea how I pulled it off…but that’s not what I’m telling Anna.

It actually started when we were hunting for reclaimed wood to use on a TV stand project. There we were measuring up old timber, big beams of the stuff all lined up like a wooden high rise city. Dramatic I know, but it’s relevant, as I suddenly noticed Anna had gone quiet and had a tiny piece of an old floor board in her hand. There was also the look. I’d seen that look before. I knew a tricky request was coming my way…Could you make this into a jewellery stand? So off I set on my challenge.

There we were, an old floorboard, a confused blogger and mug of tea – in a shed with no idea what to do. Then I remembered a plank chair from a Thomas & Hudson book and decided to use the same approach.

The floorboard was fairly worn and a little dull, but a quick rub down with some wire wool bought it back to life. It had loads of character with some old woodworm markings, so I used just a small amount of teak oil instead of varnish or wax. Next up was to trim off the rotten ends and start working on my groove. I’ve never had much rhythm so don’t get too excited here, I’m talking about making a groove to slot each piece together. Now I imagine if you followed a proper woodworking blog you’d probably be reading about the wonders of chisels. And, how amazing they are at getting perfectly formed grooves in a lovely pieces of timber. Well I’m afraid I had neither. Just an old floorboard and a bright yellow saw.

It turned out alright and I needed just a small amount of wood filler to make it flush. Admittedly a chisel probably would have done a better job. Finally I screwed the two pieces together, hammered in some old tacks and presented my accomplishment to Anna….Tadaa!

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