Put your Feet Up

If there’s anything we’re always on the prowl for it’s an old dusty bit of furniture, crying out to made into something else. It’s a tricky thing of course, because at one time it would have sat proudly in someones home, being just what it is. But we can’t help it. I see a twist here, Anna spies a curve there and the next thing you know we’re making a table into a footstool.

In my mind, I thought I’d stumbled onto a winner. Lovely curved wooden legs, like some kind of retired exotic dancer, peering out from the back of a charity shop. Although once getting home it seemed I’d been duped by the tables’ evocative powers. Sadly up top she wasn’t in great shape. It just didn’t feel right to paint, polish or even worse……… bite the bullet and throw the table away.

So with a little wave of Anna’s upholstery wand, that ugly duckling of a coffee table was turned into a beautiful swan of a cushioned ottoman style footstool.

What you need to make your own

  • An old table from a charity shop
  • Sandpaper, paint and wax for finishing
  • Foam – around 7cm thick
  • Spray glue
  • Cotton batting
  • Some old fabric for upholstery fabric. We had some leftover from the make your own ipad case blog
  • Staple gun
  • Buttons and string
I thought I’d fail at the first hurdle trying to get the top off. At one stage I was using a broom stick to lever it out, only to discover I’d forgotten to remove one of the screws. Slightly embarrassing. Hopefully you’ll sail through this bit and straight onto stripping down the table legs to remove all the old varnish. This is also the best time to cut down the legs if your table is on the tall side. Paint, wax or varnish to the finish you’d prefer.
Lay out the foam on a flat surface and place table upside down on top. Draw around the edge of the table onto the foam to make your template. Cut the foam with a serrated knife, a bread knife will do. Spray one side of the foam with glue and position on top of the table. Measure and cut a piece of cotton batting to cover the foam. You’ll need a bit of excess of around 6cm at the edges. Place over the foam and staple in place. Start from the middle of each side and leave a space in the corners. This will let you finish the corners like you would with a flat sheet corner on a mattress.
Lay your fabric over the top of the cotton batting and repeat the stapling process. Cut off any excess fabric, before screwing the legs back on. Then make a cup of tea, pat yourself on the back and take a seat.

Tip; If you’re going to add buttons drill holes into the table top before covering so you have something to tie the string round.

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