A Lovely Seat for Two – Part 2

Ta Dah! Here it is, I finally finished it, the second part of ‘A Lovely Seat for Two’ and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. If you missed the first part, click here

Now for the fun and some would say difficult part of this process; re-upholstering the chair and not making it look like a short sighted Orangutan from the outer hebrides had just got their hands on it. I love sewing and really enjoyed piecing the fabric back together based on the patterns that I made from the original chair. It was fairly straight forward to follow the patterns, the challenge came trying to fit it all back onto the frame of the chair.


I started with the seat, of which I had to make the piping for, and stretched and stapled it in place. I had to tuck the fabric into the back of the chair and pull it through. This required some muscle and more than just my two hands, especially as I had to pull the fabric tight and staple at the same time. Looking for a volunteer, I scoured my local gym and asked a couple of guys if they could help, but unfortunately they were busy so I settled on Chris. After stapling all of the fabric into place on the seat and then the arms I moved onto what proved to be the most challenging and somewhat frustrating part of this project – the deep buttoning (I just looked that up on Google!).

To quote – “Deep buttoning is an exaggerated version of buttoning. The technique consists of buttons being compressed at regular intervals through a deep filled upholstery pad, and then stitched under tension at the back. A pattern of deep stuffed, padded pockets is then formed, often in a diamond configuration”  Or in other words, you pull a button really tight through some foam padding.


I am not going to lie, the deep buttoning took quite some time. I really didn’t want to rush through this as it would be incredibly noticeable if it had been fudged. Anyway, having never undertaken an upholstery course, I was actually quite proud of the final result. Just make sure, if you choose to attempt this, that you invest in a strong (and long) needle in which to thread through the foam padding. After the buttoning was finished I re-assembled the plywood backing of the chair and covered with the final sections of fabric.

Whilst buying my fabric in the North Lanes, I also invested in some trim fabric that matched brilliantly. I used the trim to cover where the upholstery fabric had been stapled in place, and also to make it look pretty. I just used strong hold fabric glue to stick the trim down.

The only element that is still remaining to be finished is the arms. The precision that is needed to get the wood cut exactly is not something I am brave enough to attempt and after looking into several alternatives I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to ask my brother (who is a joiner) to help me. The wood should be ready in a couple of weeks…here’s hoping it looks good.

For now, the chair has taken pride of place in our living room. I have added a couple of my patchwork cushions and woolly blanket to make it look inviting and homely. And I have to admit that it was worth all of the effort…because I have fallen in love with this piece of furniture!

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  1. Wowzers lady that’s amazing. I got an upholstery kit for crimbo and I’ve got two chairs to do. Will be coming your way for help if I get stuck. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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