Ohio Star Patchwork Cushion

I am a big fan of patchwork and really enjoy making cushions from this easy but gorgeous pattern. It is definitely all down to the fabrics you choose that determines how cool this cushion can end up looking, so I would say take the time to pick colours and patterns that really work together. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to make the Ohio Star;

  • This block is based on a nine patch (3×3 grid) and is composed of triangles and squares
  • Decide on the size of your grid. If you are working on a 12″ block this will be made up of 9  4″ x 4″ squares
  • Two templates are needed – a square and a triangle that is 1/4 of that square
  • Add grain line and “Ohio Star” to templates
  • Place templates on the wrong side of chosen fabric (lining up straight grain) and draw around with a sharp pencil
  • 4 squares and 16 triangles will be needed in total
  • Cut out adding a 1/4″ seam allowance, by eye, on all sides of each shape. Place shapes in order.
  • Pin sets of two triangles and stitch along pencil line. Press seams open
  • Pin two sets of triangles together to form a square. Stitch and press seams open
  • Sew the block together, first into three rows then stitch rows together


  • Decide on the finished width of sashing – add 1/2″ for seams
  • Measure the size of your patchwork square
  • Cut sashing for for the top and bottom using the the measurements from one side of the pattern to the other and stitch in place. Press seams to sashing
  • Measure the length from top to bottom including the sashing you have already sewn and cut two stripes. Sew in place and press seams to sashing.

Quilt “Sandwich”

  • Place the patchwork block on the wadding and cut it 1/4″ bigger
  • Place the wadding on the backing cotton fabric and cut out
  • Tack all three layers together


  • Always start quilting from the centre of the work
  • Thread can be matching or a contrast
  • The purpose of quilting is to hold the three layers  together and it can be decorative as well
  • Start by either quilting a motif in the centre or quilt a line about 1/4″ within the square
  • Quilt within some of the triangles and all four of the outer squares
  • Quilt a line 1/4″ from the inner edge of the sashing


  • Cut a backing fabric the same size as the cushion front
  • Stitch a seam using 1/4″ seam allowance, gently round the corners. Stitch the line a second time for added strength
  • Clip the corners and turn right side out. Stuff with cushion pad
  • Slip stitch the opening

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